Freshman arrested on campus Saturday

by Ben Frotscher

A Simpson freshman was charged with possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and alcohol in Picken Hall on Saturday night.

Nathan Haville, 19, was arrested and taken to the Warren County Sheriff Office.

Simpson Security member Scott Nance responded to a fire alarm at 6:46 p.m., but when he walked by Haville’s room he smelled marijuana. Nance knocked on Haville’s door and talked to Haville and freshman Jordan Denman, 19. He smelled the same strong odor of marijuana from the room once the door was open.

Nance alerted the Indianola Police Department and officer Rick Largesse responded. Largesse noted the same odor coming from the room. According to the certificate of probable cause, Haville said there wasn’t any marijuana in the room, but denied permission to search the room.

Largesse stated in the report that both students had bloodshot, watery eyes and smelled of marijuana.

A search warrant was prepared and at 9:05 p.m., officers began to search Haville’s residence and vehicle.

According to the certificate of probable cause, two glass pipes with marijuana residue and two baggies with 4.7 grams and 5.9 grams of a “green plantlike substance” were found inside a desk that officers believed to be Haville’s.

They also found a digital camera with “pictures of drug activity,” a plastic baggie containing marijuana residue in the trash next to Haville’s desk, a partial bottle of Jim Beam Whiskey under Haville’s desk and a 12-pack of Busch Light beer near the refrigerator next to the door.

Haville wouldn’t comment on the alleged bust and Denman couldn’t be reached for comment.

Largesse wouldn’t comment on the impending investigation.