He Said…She Said

My boyfriend and I are having this continual fight … and it’s about something very important. He says Paul McCartney and his Wings escapades were better than what John Lennon did post-Beatles. Obviously, he’s wrong, but he won’t concede. We both agree that the Beatles were fantastic, but I think, post-Beatles, John Lennon was the better artist. Please settle this for us. I know it will take some research, but I think you’re up to the challenge.

-A Beatles Fan

He Said:

Of all that I’ve dealt with, from students coping with cheating, to body issues, to dirty jokes, this is by far the lamest problem I’ve ever dealt with.

I suppose if you have the luxury of fighting over such paltry issues, then your relationship is strong. Most people your age are fighting over dramatic things – like cheating, body issues and dirty jokes.

I haven’t done any research on the matter, because personally, I really dislike the Beatles. I think they’re overrated. They were good then, not now. It’s like when my parents make me watch AMC with them, and I get to hear how all the great actors are dead and all the actors of my generation are sexed-up garbage.

So I’m afraid I refuse to enter your little scuffle. You should ask someone who likes the Beatles.

And besides, everyone knows Lennon was untouchable.

She Said:

He likes Paul McCartney in Wings?!?! Don’t fight with this man, marry him. Just kidding.

This is the most trivial fight I’ve every heard of and the fact that The Simpsonian is wasting the ink to print it is completely ridiculous.

The point of this column is to help people deal with issues of some significance so let’s talk about fighting fair. Life is about compromise – so respect his opinion, ask him to respect yours and we’ll call it a day.

People who fight all the time tend to be unhappy with themselves and take it out on others, people who never fight bottle up their anger until they explode. People who fight over trivial issues need hobbies. It sounds like you two definitely need a hobby.

Live and let (the issue) die.

Voice of reason



After the murder of John Lennon 25 years ago, the Village Voice asked: Why is it always the John and Bobby Kennedys and the John Lennons who are murdered? Why isn’t ever the Richard Nixons or the Paul McCartneys? Informing the question was the sense that the Kennedys and Lennon brought much to the world, while the Nixon and McCartney were just sniveling little weasels.

In short, the girlfriend is right.

John Lennon gave us “Imagine.” Paul McCartney gave us “Silly Love Songs.” McCartney tours are must-sees these days, but that’s because the set is heavy on the Beatles canon. You won’t find many Wings songs there. Even Paul knows that the history of rock and roll won’t hold much of a place for Wings.