Cleaning up our own acts

by Our View

There’s something about a clean toilet that’s quite endearing. The smooth porcelain, the clean water and the shiny toilet seat. Sadly, a clean toilet is as hard to find on campus these days as leprechauns. Unless the janitors clean the bathrooms more than once a day, they end up downright disgusting.

The student body has many tendencies, and keeping a bathroom clean obviously isn’t one of them. Not only does this mean there’s hair, urine and other stuff floating around, there are also a lot of germs. Bathrooms need to be sterile because our body parts tend to be naked in one way or another when we’re using them. This leads to the usual spread of the cold and flu, and worst of all, cooties. You can’t get gross diseases like pubic lice and scabies directly from a toilet seat, but dirty clothes and towels are willing and able to spread them.

So what can we do to live a healthier, bathroom friendly lifestyle? If you get urine somewhere, clean it off. If you want to see what happens when students don’t do this, go check out the handicap-accessible bathroom in the library.