Seniors bearing gifts

by Our View

Graduation time is almost here. And after being given so much by Simpson, it’s time for the seniors to give a little bit back.

Unfortunately, most of them don’t know what, exactly, they’ll be giving.

The class of 2005’s gift will be a treadmill and exercise bike. The amount raised through senior donations is expected to be less than the estimated cost of the equipment. The Simpson Fund will cover the difference.

Three people were primarily involved in the decision-making process: the two co-chairs of the senior class gift committee and Simpson’s assistant director of annual giving and alumni relations. The majority of seniors were not involved in the decision of what the gift would be.

Committee members sent a letter to and called all the seniors asking for donations, but they didn’t ask for input on what the gift should be. Yes, many seniors would be apathetic toward the decision, but they still should have been asked. Because – as we all know – when it comes to giving gifts, it’s the thought that counts.

Maybe if all seniors had been given the chance to be involved in the decision process, the gift would truly leave a mark on campus. Then the gift would be something that alumni would want to come back and see. There can’t be many alumni who actually want to come back to Simpson to see a treadmill and an exercise bike.