The good, the bad and the ugly

by Mallory Higgins

Bathrooms: no one can live without them. But sometimes, the sight of a toilet can make some want a new place to squat.

The bathrooms on campus can be classified into three categories: the good, the bad and the ugly.

“Earlier this year there was a really bad toilet stall in the community bathroom in the basement in Picken Hall,” custodian Larry Jaeger said. “There was just vomit all over the walls and you could tell what they had eaten … I even had to get out a putty knife to get everything off the walls.”

That one may be ugly, but, according to sophomore Shannon Anderson, there are other bad bathrooms on campus.

“There are some bathrooms in Buxton that are just so disgusting,” Anderson said. “Also, the bathrooms in Cowles are not too pleasant.”

Anderson said most of the problems are probably in the residence halls with community bathrooms.

“Last year in Kresge Hall there were times when the bathrooms were just nasty,” Anderson said. “Some students just need to clean up after themselves.”

Dirty dishes is one thing that custodian Tina Edwards wishes students would clean.

“I wish students wouldn’t leave dishes on the counters with water in them,” Edwards said. “There is a bathroom in Kresge Hall that always has dishes in it … Dirty dishes with water in them attract bugs, and then I not only have to deal with a dirty bathroom, but also bugs.”

For every bad bathroom, there are also good bathrooms to recognize.

“Carver Science Center has really nice bathrooms,” Anderson said. “They’re always clean and smell good.”

Custodian Bill Bentz said there are some womens’ bathrooms in Buxton Hall that are very nice.

“Some of the bathrooms are kept so nice,” Bentz said. “You can tell that most of them are girls’ bathrooms, too. It’s nice when they are kept so clean.”

Anderson and Jaeger have different opinions on who’s responsible for cleaning up students’ dirty bathrooms.

While Anderson thinks that students expect the custodians to clean the bathrooms if something happens, Jaeger said students usually at least try to clean up after themselves.

“The students are mostly respectful and nice,” Jaeger said. “They usually clean up their own mess. But if we come across a mess that has a note to not clean it, we have to clean it. It’s just not right to leave it.”

The Simpsonian is conducting lab tests on five different toilets on campus. Look for the results of the testing in the next issue.