He Said…She Said

My roommate has decided to fool around with a guy in our apartment complex – who has a girlfriend at a nearby college. My other roommates and I have expressed concern about the issue but no matter how much we contest the relationship or play cock-block, our roommate is still going on with business as usual. We love our roommate but the guy is making her believe something will come of this promiscuity, but it really seems like he’s playing both sides.

– Caring CBs

Mark Says:

First off, I’ll tell you it’s definitely none of your business. Second, why do you care so much?

To me, this is a classic case of sticking your nose in places it doesn’t belong. Now if you were friends with the girl who’s getting cheated on, that may be different. But it sounds like all you know about her is that she exists, and that’s about it. If you really think this is the worst thing in the world, then go ahead and talk to your roommate and show your displeasure. Obviously this guy is all about having and eating his cake, and if she’s fine with that, then let her be fine with that. She’s a big girl.

Hunting down a girl from another school to let her know that her boyfriend is cheating on her is pretty ridiculous. It just strikes me too much like an outtake from the movie “Road Trip.”

I understand you care for your friend, but you should let her make her own decisions.

Mindy Says:

You’re her friends. Show her that you care about her, but tell her you don’t approve and don’t want to see her get hurt. That’s where the coddling should end. You can’t live her life for her and she doesn’t need another mother.

Friends watch out for each other, but recognize that we all make mistakes in the process and let her make her own. Yes, she’s going to come to you later for a shoulder to cry on. And yes, you’ll probably be the good roommate who ends up eating calorie-filled food with her while watching man-hating movies.

Don’t tell the other young woman. The chances of her believing you are slim and her boyfriend will just deny it. Let him take responsibility for his own actions.

Watching your friends make mistakes is like letting kids eat a whole bag of Easter candy – you know nothing good will come of it, but you have to wait for the stomachache before a lesson will be learned.



Your roommate is really lucky to have some great friends that care about her. Props to you.

In my opinion, you guys have done all you can to help your roommate out. The situation is in her hands now and she’s either going to keep playing out this fantasy that she’s going to steal him away from this other girl – and that works all the time – or she’s going to get smart and realize that he’s just not that into her.

A tip for the ladies: If a guy isn’t giving you his full attention, you’re not his priority. He’s not worth your time, so move on. Your roommate deserves better than this. Why would she want to spend her time with someone who is cheating on her? Hopefully she gets that!

As for the guy, the old saying “what goes around, comes around” is bound to get him sooner or later. Lucky him!