Jacobsen, Woodley crowned drag royalty

by Mallory Higgins

Miss Nikki Iowa – aka sophomore Justin Davis – was asked the most challenging question of the night.

“What would you do for a Klondike Bar?” Vivienne La Moray, special guest host, said.

“Well, bring Nick Proctor up here to find out,” Iowa said.

A willing Proctor, associate professor of history and drag show judge, went up on stage and posed for a picture with Miss Iowa.

The question session was only one part of LGBQTA’s fifth annual drag show held on Feb. 24 in BSC.

Five contestants performed in the drag show, including Drag King and Queen, senior Amber Woodley as The Darkness and freshman Dan Jacobsen as Miss Brooklyn, respectively.

The audience was encouraged to tip their favorite performer, and all the proceeds to the AIDS Project of Central Iowa.

“It feels very exciting to win,” Woodley said. “I didn’t care either way, though, because my roommate was Billy Idol tonight, so I would’ve been happy if she would have won also.”

Woodley said she’s participated in the drag show before.

“This is my third year participating, and I always like to push the edge a little,” Woodley said.

Jacobsen was also honored to win.

“It’s great to win,” Jacobsen said. “I’m extremely excited. The days of dancing in my dorm room paid off.”

Along with the five contestants, seven members of the audience volunteered to dance their hearts out in a Vogue Off.

One contestant of the Vogue Off, freshman Mackenzie Webb, said she decided to participate on a whim.

“I just went up there out of the blue,” Webb said. “I thought it was a lot of fun. I didn’t know what to expect coming to the drag show because I’ve never been to one before, but I really want to participate in it next year.”

The winner of the Vogue Off, decided by the loudness of the audience’s applause, was junior Kate Paulman. Paulman received a grand prize of KY Jelly for her audience-pleasing dance moves.

Proctor said the entire show was fantastic.

“No part stuck out,” Proctor said. “It was all equally fabulous.”

According to Proctor, the drag show was more than just a show, it was a way to educate those who attended.

“The drag show is really fun, but it’s also an entertaining way to remind people that gender is something that is constructed,” Proctor said.

Proctor also said the support LGBTQA had from CAB was outstanding.

Davis said he was happy to see many people at the drag show.

“Things went really well tonight,” Davis said. “Rich [Ramos] was a peach, CAB set things up nicely and the judges were fabulous.”

At the end of the night, Woodley summed the feeling of the crowd – and her own personal thoughts.

“I really do believe in a thing called love,” Woodley said.