A Presidential visit

by Cassie Lauterbach

This week, Simpson’s next president John Byrd was on campus for what may be his only visit until summer. Byrd, Simpson’s 22nd president, made the trek from Evansville, Indiana to meet with many of Simpson’s leaders.

“It is his chance to get to know faculty, students, alumni, staff and trustees,” said John Kellogg, Simpson’s vice president for marketing and research.

For Byrd, this visit is a taste of how his life will be starting next fall.

“We basically came to get acquainted with the college,” Byrd said. “During the selection process, I didn’t get a chance to meet everyone.”

Byrd and his wife Nancy came to campus Monday and will stay until Thursday.

Byrd’s six-page schedule has kept both him and his wife very busy. They met several student leaders and vice presidents and took an extensive tour of campus.

“I was very impressed with the quality of facilities available to students here,” Byrd said.

This week-long visit could be his only one this academic year, but a necessary one since freshmen begin their college process the first week of June.

“I really want to be up and running when the first freshman group begins the transition process in June,” Byrd said. “That is our target date.”

Byrd will be returning to Indiana with his wife where they will begin the process of moving to Iowa.

“I was able to meet a lot of students and terrific people this week,” Byrd said. “We are looking forward to returning in June.”