FlipSide Face

by Mindy Marks

In college you learn new things – freshman Dan Jacobsen learned to walk in high heels.

Just three days before the drag show, with some convincing from LGBTQA, Jacobsen agreed to partake in the show.

“I wasn’t sure because I didn’t have anything to wear and I didn’t have anything prepared to perform,” Jacobsen said.

With the help of close friends he transformed into “Miss. Brooklyn” by acquiring a wig, skirt, fishnets, high heels and breasts.

Next came the song, which he knew for awhile, “Holding Out for a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler.

As a vocal performance major, he wasn’t a stranger to the stage – although this was his first drag show.

“You never know what it will be like and you don’t have to be gay to be in a drag show,” Jacobsen said. “I got an adrenaline kick that was totally different because nothing was stopping me or holding me back.”

According to Jacobsen, his friends were very proud of his win and enthusiastic about taking part next year.

“They want me to emcee it next year so I’m considering that,” Jacobsen said. “After I won $100 and a fuzzy crown they want to do it, but we’ll see.”