Hardware, trophies, elude Simpson teams

by J.C. Blomstedt

Simpson is in the middle of the pack for the Iowa Conference’s championship trophies.

The trophies are used by the conference to distinguish the schools that excel the most throughout the sports year. Points are awarded to each school for their final finish in every conference sport. First place teams earn its school nine points, second place teams earn eight points and so on down to the last place team, which earns one point.

The Simpson women are currently fourth in the race for the Marjorie Giles Women’s Sports Championship Trophy, while the men are in seventh place for the Elmer Hertel men’s trophy race.

Upon the completion of all 2004-2005 sports seasons, the All-Sports Championship Trophy will be awarded to the school that finishes with the best results in men’s and women’s sports. Last year the Storm finished fourth in the women’s competition, fifth men’s and tied with Central for fourth in the All-Sports Championship Trophy race.

“Our goal is to be in the top three in the conference in all sports,” said John Sirianni, athletic director and baseball coach.

Basketball coach Bruce Wilson said Simpson’s high academic standards can be both a blessing and a curse.

“We really push the academic side of Simpson and hopefully it works to our advantage,” Wilson said. “We try to pinpoint good students but the problem is that some students can’t get in and then we have to play against them.”

Men’s and women’s cross country coach Todd Deely said Simpson has strong athletic programs, even if this year’s points standings don’t show it.

“I have no concerns about the athletic programs,” Deely said. “This school has been pretty successful and coach Sirianni wants us all to have success.”

The points will be judged at the end of May.