Our View

May Term is just around the corner – and so are the proposed changes to the beloved three weeks Simpson students have grown to love.

Due to the upcoming accreditation process, Simpson’s administration is under pressure to reduce the class load for professors. The best option for Simpson is a return to the traditional school calendar – without May Term.

With a traditional semester, students would still be able to take advantage of traveling abroad and internship opportunities, either in the Des Moines area or their hometown. In addition to that, students would also have a longer holiday break, similar to other colleges. Because the graduation credit requirements would be reduced from 128 hours to 120 hours, students wouldn’t have to worry about not graduating with enough credits.

The load for faculty would also decrease, from 24 hours to 21 hours. This would, in turn, benefit students because faculty would have more time to concentrate on regular term classes and give more attention to advising and career coaching.

With a return to a traditional semester schedule, students and faculty could return to the roots of a solid college education. As our campus continues to grow and change, Simpson must look for the option that best fits its campus dynamics.