Lil’ Sibs enjoy weekend activities

by Andrew Goodell

Pre-teens engaged in their idea of partying on campus last weekend.

First Year Council hosted Lil’ Sibs Weekend, featuring swimming, a screening of “Shark Tale” and a magic show with sophomore Ben Sweet. The weekend culminated in a carnival outside BSC.

“The theme is ‘Underwater Adventure’ and the carnival games and prizes are centered around fish,” Katie Case, First Year Council activities chair, said.

Lil’ Sibs Weekend was intended to entertain the pre-pubescent siblings of Simpson students in a family-friendly environment. Junior Zach Riesselman took advantage of Little Sibs Weekend with his 10-year-old brother, Brody.

“I went to Iowa Central Community College [before transferring to Simpson] in the same town he’s at [Ft. Dodge], and now we don’t see each other so often,” Riesselman said.

Lil’ Sibs Weekend allowed Riesselman to reinforce his relationship to his fourth-grade brother because he doesn’t go home every weekend.

“It’s a weekend I can spend with him alone for the first time in a while without parents around,” Riesselman said.

First Year Counsel decided to hold activities aimed at children instead of siblings of all ages based on a past mistake.

“We cut it off at sixth grade and younger and there’s not any older kids because they tried to do that last year and the older kids tended to not have anything to do,” Case said.

Becka Neary, residence life academic undergraduate assistant, helped organized Lil’ Sibs Weekend. She said people of all ages enjoyed the activities.

“It’s geared towards the kids, but it’s fun for Simpson students as well,” Neary said.

The focus on younger siblings was evident in the lack of admission fees for any event or activity. The cost rested squarely with Simpson.

“[We petitioned SGA for] roughly $3,000 and it stays the same every year and everything is free … so it’s a free weekend for the kids,” Neary said.

In a typical college-event tradition, students and siblings received Lil’ Sibs Weekend T-shirts. First Year Counsel Adviser Theresa Harrison and Neary passed out 128 commemorative T-shirts at the carnival on Saturday afternoon from noon to 3 p.m.

All participants were given the opportunity to register for the weekend’s events, while some families simply arrived during check-in, 7 to 8 p.m. on Friday.

“There’s about 86 kids who actually registered to participate,” Case said.

A creative undertone was seen throughout the carnival portion of the weekend. Siblings were encouraged to write their names and draw pictures on the pavement in front of BSC as well as create their own splatter-paint Frisbees. Carnival games and giant castles decorated the BSC area for the event. Snow cones and pizza were also provided at the carnival.

Lil’ Sibs Weekend provided a safe environment for the siblings of Simpson students to have fun, but it also reinforced family connections.

“I think it’s just something fun to do with your sibling because sometimes I think you don’t always have stuff to do with your younger sibling on campus,” Case said.