Webb interested in politics beyond himself

by Jasmynne Sloan

Sophomore Nick Webb’s voice-mail message plays 30 seconds of music before he admits the caller has reached the right number. It suits him.

Webb loves music – at least, he loves other people’s music.

“I have no musical ability,” Webb said. “But I like to listen to other, more talented people.”

He admits to spending a lot of time listening to Gwen Stefani, whom he labels “catchy,” and is proud of the “thousands of songs” on his iPod, but Webb said he pays as much attention to politics as he does to music.

“My interest in politics goes beyond myself,” Webb said. “Politics is a way in which you can really help people.”

Webb follows national issues that can be applied at the collegiate level, such as equal rights.

“I’m passionate about social justice issues like equal rights, specifically gay rights,” Webb said. “I want to push for equality across the board – it’s important to me.

Webb isn’t afraid to discuss his stance on a wide range of issues, and he’s not afraid to take on responsibility either. Webb was the sophomore class president, part of SGA’s leadership task force, a student representative to the Lilly Initiative, as well as a member of the Simpson College Democrats.

If elected Student Body President, Webb said one of his goals is a personal one – to be fair.

“I’m not going to be biased at all to any of the organizations,” Webb said. “When the College Republicans came in and asked for money, I voted to give them money. They should have a chance to present their views and opinions. I’ll definitely try to keep it open to everybody.”

He’d also like SGA work to toward tangible changes on campus, such as improving technology.

“Our technology is pretty slow and unreliable,” he said. “It needs to go to the next level.”