Schlarman new art historian

by Vania Quiroz

Julie Schlarman will be Simpson’s art historian starting next fall.

“It’s a new position we’ve been needing for quite a while,” Associate Professor of Art Dave Richmond said. “This art-history position will free studio artists to concentrate [on] teaching studio arts, which is important to art majors.”

Richmond and Assistant Professor of Art Justin Nostrala met Schlarman in Atlanta at a conference and invited her to visit Simpson.

On campus, Schlarman gave a presentation to an art class about of the artist Barokue.

“It was engaging and very informative because she knew a lot of facts,” Nostrala said. “You have to really pay attention to keep up with her, but it wasn’t overwhelming. It had a nice balance.”

Freshman Allison Roen disagreed slightly with Nostrala.

“She was very knowledgeable about the art she was talking about, though she used very eloquent speech that was sometimes difficult to understand.”

Other than extensive experience in art history, Richmond said Schlarman stood out because of her honesty and open-minded attitude.

“She seems willing to put a lot of effort in making this work,” Richmond said. “She seems very friendly and open to exchange ideas and that’s a key element in our department.”