Intramurals offers many opportunities for participation during May Term



With just one class to go to during May Term, Simpson students have ample time to dig into intramurals.

Nicole Darling, assistant director of students activities and director of intramurals, said students have always been interested in intramural sports during May Term.

“Intramurals are fun this time of year because everyone gets involved,” junior Angela Servais said. “The weather is nice and it’s fun to be outside.”

Darling said this year’s May Term schedule wouldn’t change much from last year’s.

One new tournament this year is for a game called washers. This game is similar to bags and is played in pairs by tossing washers at two boards with three holes.

Another change is not offering discounted green fees or discounted driving-range use this year.

“We aren’t going to offer discount golf fees,” Darling said. “It wasn’t to our benefit. People just weren’t using it.”

While discount golf is gone, some games hold their popularity, no matter how talented a student is.

“Intramurals is something you don’t even have to be good at to enjoy,” senior Aaron Helling said.

Darling said sand volleyball, jamball, softball and mud volleyball are the most popular May Term events, but all the events have plenty of participants.