Indianola getting YMCA

by Zach Leiser

A YMCA facility will be built on 15th Street across from the middle school, according to City Clerk of Indianola Todd Kielkopf.

“I believe that this will be a great addition to the Indianola community,” Kielkopf said. “It will promote wellness and help create a healthier lifestyle.”

The facility will be jointly run by the YMCA and the Indianola Park and Recreation Department. It will be used for many of the city’s sporting events and clubs.

A committee, consisting of city council members and various people from the community, has been meeting regularly to move the process along.

Members of the community who aren’t on the board have had the chance to give their input through special meetings designed for them. They were able to voice opinions about what they’d like to see the facilities used for and what they’d like in the building.

“We want to give the youth of Indianola a place where they can go,” City Manager of Indianola Tim Zisoff said. “We feel that this might give kids better options for entertainment rather than roaming the city.”

The planning began last year, and since then the committee has been talking regularly with the YMCA board and hopes to have the project underway soon.

In fact, next spring Warren County will be voting on a one-cent sales tax increase to help fund it.

“Warren County would use the revenue generated from that almost entirely for the YMCA project,” Kielkopf said.

With the addition of new athletic and wellness facilities, Simpson students expect to have a little more room to breathe.

“We hope that Simpson students will take full advantage of both facilities,” Zisoff said.

Sophomore Brennen Tubaugh thinks otherwise.

“I don’t think that Simpson students will use the facilities,” Tubaugh said. “If anything, more will probably use our equipment simply because there should be some extra room and it’s convenient.”

Kielkopf said he wasn’t sure if Simpson students would receive discounts at the new YMCA or not.

“We aren’t far enough into the process to be looking at prices and discounts,” Kielkopf said. “But there could be a potential, it’s the YMCA board’s decision.”

Zisoff said the new facility would welcome all members of the Indianola community, including Simpson students.

“We are really looking forward to this,” Zisoff said. “We hope that Simpson students, as well as the rest of the community, take advantage of the equipment and space that the YMCA would be offering.”