Questions still remain over soccer coach’s resignation

by Jason Staker

It’s been months since Aziz Haffar left his post as head soccer coach, but emotions and questions about his resignation still abound.

Recent questions have focused on Haffar’s Foundations of Coaching course, which he stopped teaching in early March.

“He just said ‘I’m sorry guys I’m not going to be teaching the class anymore,'” sophomore Kelsey Bova said. “He never really said anything [about] why. He just told us he wasn’t going to teach it anymore.”

According to Bova, Haffar told the class that wrestling coach Ron Peterson would be taking over the class as of Thursday, March 31.

However, two weeks before then, Haffar suddenly announced to the class that he had misinterpreted something and would be leaving immediately.

“I was shocked,” Bova said. “I think the rest of the class was pretty shocked. Obviously we’d heard and knew he wasn’t going to be there anymore after this year anyway, but we didn’t think it’d be so soon that he wouldn’t be teaching.”

Other students in Haffar’s class were as surprised as Bova when Haffar stopped teaching. One of these students was sophomore Eric Plumb.

“I was kind of surprised he didn’t finish the class out,” Plumb said. “I really don’t know much about it.”

Not many people know the details about Haffar’s situation, but some are calling for an explanation.

Linda Chapman, mother of senior Kenny Chapman, sent a Letter to the Editor to The Simpsonian last week.

“We’re acting on our own accord because we let this go too far and should’ve reacted accordingly a long time ago, and to Aziz, we apologize,” Chapman said via e-mail.

“We don’t totally know the circumstances as to why Aziz [was] fired,” she said. “We have no idea because it appears everything was so secretive … It just seems to us that [Aziz] didn’t get fair treatment from the college for all the years he’d been there.”

Athletic Director Jon Sirianni declined to comment on the situation, citing that matters of personnel are confidential.

“When it deals with personnel issues which are confidential, it is unfortunate that people don’t know the whole story – all the aspects of the situation,” Sirianni said. “These are personnel issues which are confidential and stay confidential.”