He Said…She Said

I hate receiving oral sex. It just makes me feel uncomfortable when my boyfriend is down there doing his thing.

He feels compelled to do this, but I don’t get anything out of the deal. How do I tell him that this just isn’t working? Will it hurt his pride? Will he still expect oral sex from me?

-Oral Fixation

If you really aren’t enjoying it, then he probably just isn’t good, so don’t worry about hurting his pride.

We all have find out the Easter Bunny is fake someday.

Also, don’t worry. He won’t be disappointed in not having to dish it out. As for whether he expects it in return, the answer is a yes with two exclamation points. And will he miss that? Absolutely.

Luckily for you though, it doesn’t matter. All relationships require sacrifices, and I’m sure you’ve had to stop doing things you enjoy for his sake. It’s time for him to do likewise.

Depending on how open your relationship is, you could just say “You’re cut off.” But to be nice about it, I’d stick with a “No” or “I’m not comfortable.” If the man has a heart or can at least take a hint, he’ll stay away.

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. If you’re not comfortable with oral sex, talk to your boyfriend about it.

Part of being in a relationship is making each other happy, which is probably what he’s trying to do. Letting him know that you’re not ready for this step will not hurt his pride, but it will allow you to take things slower.

If for some reason he doesn’t respect your wishes, it’s time to reevaluate your relationship. You should be with someone who holds you in high regard and wants the best for you. It’s your choice if you’re comfortable giving him oral sex. If it’s forced or uncomfortable for you, then definitely say no.

Taking a relationship too fast is like thinking you can take organic chemistry with out the prerequisites: Soon, you’ll be in over your head – no pun intended.