Mr. Simpson’ runs for student body president

by Jasmynne Sloan

Junior Dan Carver knows he’s called Mr. Simpson.

“It’s nice that people think that and whatnot,” Carver said. “But I don’t like it when people think I’m too busy to talk to them – I’m not.”

Carver earned the Mr. Simpson nickname for his involvement in the campus community, especially during his freshman and sophomore years.

“I’ve kind of seen it all here at Simpson,” he said. “Early on I got really involved, which was hectic at the time, but it helps me now because I can understand where a lot of different students are coming from.”

Carver stays busy on campus as member of CAB and a member of SGA. The education major also said his classes take a lot of time, especially since he’s doing a practicum at the Indianola Middle School this semester.

Despite his full schedule, Carver hesitated to say he’s too busy, “I won’t say I’m busy … I’m involved. I’ll say that.”

If elected Student Body President, Carver said he’d push for the new student center to be built as soon as possible as a way to unify Simpson.

“Whoever the new student body president is will want to talk to the board of trustees and the president and emphasize that we really need this new student center,” Carver said. “That’s going to be a place where everyone can run into each other.”

Carver said SGA has changed this year, but he would like to make at least one more change.

“I would set aside specific money for student government to use for actual projects,” Carver said. “We don’t want to be an organization that just hands out money, but one that actually does things for the students.”

Carver said he tries to take time to listen to people, whether they’re other leaders or his friends.

“That’s important. If I have a friend in need, I’ll drop my schedule for the rest of the night to help out,” Carver said.