New changes for Greek Week

by Cassie Lauterbach

By Cassie Lauterbach

Staff Writer

Battle of the Sexes, Olympics, and community projects are just a few of the events at this year’s Greek Week that will start on Campus Day next Wednesday.

“Greek Week is designed to be like an extended field day where Greek chapters have to work together but still compete,” Cisar said. “It really builds community and students have a lot of fun.”

Sophomore Anne Reser, risk management chair for Delta Delta Delta, agrees.

“I think it’s going to stress that [Greeks] are a community as a whole,” Reser said. “I am excited to get to know entire chapters instead of just one.”

This year’s Greek Week theme is “Rock the Boat,” and it comes with a few changes. The biggest change this year is the way the teams are selected for competition.

Unlike past years when a fraternity and a sorority were paired as a team and shared victory or defeat, the pairing will change throughout the competition.

“When we had one sorority and one fraternity paired together the whole week, they became really close,” said junior Ben Thompson, Greek Week chair. “By rotating teams for each competition, I think we will have a better sense of community.”

The rest of the changes are in the events that will take place.

“The talent show is new this year and should be a lot of fun,” Thompson said. “We are also including swimming in the Olympic competition.”

Other events include Simpson’s own remake of the popular Nickelodeon show “Double Dare” and “Battle of the Sexes Jeopardy” where the sororities will face the fraternities to see who knows more about the opposite sex.

“In the past, sororities and fraternities do prepare a lot, and it can get really competitive,” Thompson said.

Not all events are for Greek-only eyes. Friday night’s talent show and Saturday night’s lip sync contest are open to the public.

“All are invited and welcome to see the fun the Greek students have with these competitions,” Cisar said. “The lip sync is a tradition.”

To ensure that judging is fair, judges are summoned from all different areas of campus.

However, in the midst of all of the fun, school doesn’t stop, so the Greek Committee took certain decisions.

“We tried to plan this so that the campus community has a positive impression of Greek Week,” Cisar said. “By starting on campus day, students don’t have to worry about classes that day. It was important to ensure students didn’t miss school time or not study because of Greek Week.”