Floyd gets asked tough questions

by Aaron Daniels

Ask Floyd.

Ask him what?

Who’s Floyd?

Many students have been asking themselves and their friends these questions lately.

The Ask Floyd signs scattered around campus were a recruitment tool used by the Greek Life Council.

This method was supposed to make people curious about who exactly this Floyd character was. Apparently, it worked.

“Ask Floyd was a good tool to help get the freshmen aware of Greek life here at Simpson College,” said Greek Adviser Jennie Cisar. “‘Ask Floyd was a way to start a buzz about Greek Life without saying, ‘Greek life.'”

Freshmen involvement with Greek Life is extremely important during fall term because the future of Greek life at Simpson College depends on the success of recruitment.

Simpson Greeks did not develop the “Ask Floyd” campaign. This marketing technique was revealed during the Mid-American Greek Life Council Association conference.

Greek representatives from throughout the Midwest were introduced to new ideas on ways to keep people involved in Greek life at the annual conference.

Junior Liz Van Hook attended the conference with hopes of discovering new ideas to bring back to strengthen the Greek life at Simpson.

Van Hook is the Panhellenic vice president of recruitment, and she said the signs have done their job.

“The ‘Ask Floyd’ recruitment tool has been really successful and it worked out really well because there is nobody at Simpson College who is named Floyd,” Van Hook said.

There were eight students involved with Greek life who wore T-shirts proclaiming, “I’m Floyd.” Anyone curious about Floyd could ask them what their shirt meant, which would give the Simpson Greeks a chance to explain a little about the college’s fraternities and sororities.

Junior Evan Schaefer has been a member of Alpha Tau Omega since his freshmen year. He said the Ask Floyd campaign worked well just to get people talking about Greek life.

“I think that ‘Ask Floyd’ helped out because just getting people to learn about Greek life is the first step to recruitment,” Schaefer said.