Peep show at Farnham

by Ashley Pitkin

Farnham Galleries’ latest exhibit is showing patrons the inside of the human brain, letting them actually peep inside.

Well, almost.

This month, Farnham Galleries is featuring an art installation by Chicago artist Heather Marie Vernon. The exhibit, titled “Temporal Lobes,” is a portrayal of Vernon’s own brain activity.

“It’s not that I don’t like it – but it’s bizarre,” senior art major Ashley Finestead said, “I’d say it’s more that I have an appreciation for her abstraction.”

Since Finestead had mixed reactions towards the installation, she is anticipating Vernon’s closing reception in the galleries on Sept. 29 at 6 p.m.

“I’m curious as to what she’ll say – to know her thoughts,” Finestead said.

The process of creating an installation, according to Assistant Professor of Art, Justin Nostrala, is one requiring more than pencils and paints.

“Installations used mixed media,” Nostrala said, “They borrow from many different materials including sculpture, paintings, collected objects and more.”

Nostrala encourages all students to visit the galleries this month to see Vernon’s work as well as the exhibits by other artists still yet to come.

“For first-year students or those who have not been exposed the Farnham Galleries … go with an open mind,” Nostrala said, “Don’t focus so much on the art form but more on what the artist is communicating.”

Senior art major LeAnn Clifton agrees with Nostrala that all members of the Simpson community should visit the galleries on a regular basis.

“It’s important to be exposed to art but you don’t have to like it or comment on it,” Clifton said. “Just see it and experience it.”

To truly see what Vernon is portraying, Clifton suggests viewers play detective.

“Installations have angles,” Clifton said, “Walk around the exhibits, and really investigate them.”