Easy riders


by Laura Keller

There is a new club on campus for students, staff and alumni started by none other than Simpson President John Byrd.

Byrd, an active bicyclist, initiated the Biking Club on campus this fall. He has been an avid rider for the last five years, averaging 2,500 miles a year. Byrd said a club for biking would be a good way to become more involved with students on campus.

“Biking is a great way to be outside, and also a great way to participate with students and the rest of the campus community,” Byrd said.

Byrd would like to see the club include all types of cyclists, from novices to long-time riders. He hopes to have a variety of rides to accommodate the range of riding experience in the Biking Club.

“It’s a great way to share passion for the sport, whether someone is new to biking or not,” Byrd said.

Byrd is looking forward to being an active member of the club and continuing his support for the organization.

Although the club has yet to officially begin meetings, many students have already expressed interest. Senior Lance Harris heard about Byrd’s desire to start the organization and has been involved in the planning process.

“We’re hoping to get an e-mail list of people who want to ride, that way people can find other people to ride with whenever they want to,” Harris said.

The group has already met once this week for a ride to Carlisle. Senior Reid Leichty participated in this maiden voyage.

“The Biking Club gives us a chance to ride as a group with other people who enjoy the sport,” Leichty said. “It’s much better than having to ride alone.”

The group is planning to stay active through winter. Harris said they are hoping to get spin bikes or trainers for the offseason.

“The group is still new but anything is possible for the future,” Harris said.

The Biking Club will take advantage of Iowa’s interest in cycling. It is hoping to have a team for RAGBRAI next summer.

“There is a number of organized rides around the Midwest,” Byrd said. “If there is enough interest, we plan to be a part of them.”