Bad tech? No.

by Staff Editorial

Simpson doesn’t advertise itself as a school with cutting-edge technology, preferring to focus on individual attention and flexible scheduling, but the college is far from being stuck in the Stone Age. This summer Information Services installed wireless Internet access for some of campus, bringing Simpson one step closer to competing with schools that tout their high-tech advantages.

While Simpson’s wireless service doesn’t cover every square foot of campus, it does cover some high-traffic areas. No one promised us blanket coverage, nor can we really expect all the kinks to be worked out already. Yes, it would be nice to have wireless dorms, but it’s just not possible given their size. Wireless Internet in Dirlam Lounge and on the patio will make Holy Grounds a more-happening place to be – even if the patio can only really be used 3 months out of the school year – and access in Dunn will be perfect for researching in a distraction-free environment.

What’s better, IS is keeping an open mind about the situation: no one has ruled out the campus becoming mainly wireless. But, if students want to access the Internet wirelessly, they will have to buy a wireless card for $30 to $40. At least we didn’t have to pay for the anti-virus software this year.

This limited wireless access is a significant step forward for the college, and it will continue to make a difference in the way the college is viewed by potential students. At the least, it will free up some of those coveted PCs in Dunn Library during finals week.