They’d rather be frisbee golfing

Theyd rather be frisbee golfing

by Stacy Owens

Simpson held the second annual Frisbee Golf Tournament on Wednesday, Oct. 12 at Pickard Park.

“We hold the tournament every year [at Pickard],” said Nicole Darling, assistant director of student activities and Intramurals. “The park has an official disc golf course so it makes it easier. In the past we’ve just set up our own course on campus.”

Frisbee golf is a combination of frisbee and the actual game of golf. Frisbee golf uses putters and drivers like real golf but in the form of discs. It is played outdoors but instead of getting a ball in a hole, a disc is thrown into a metal basket.

“I like golf and that’s how I got interested,” senior Chris Cyronek said. “It connected me to playing frisbee golf. It’s fun and recreational. It’s relaxing and you get to enjoy the good scenery. There is a degree of difficulty that people don’t see with disc golf.”

Several Simpson students play frisbee golf competitively while others just do it for recreation.

“I think it’s a fun sport,” senior Sara Pohlmann said. “It’s good exercise and you’re not confined to a court. You get to go all over the place, which makes it a unique sport.”

Pohlmann was the only female to enter the frisbee golf tournament this year, making her the first-place female.

“Anybody can play, but you don’t find too many girls playing,” Pohlmann said. “I play just for fun; I have entered the Simpson IM disc golf tournament for the last two years.”

Frisbee golf has become more popular over the years; more people are finding it a fun leisure activity.

“This was my first year participating in the tournament,” junior Nate Nimms said. “I’ve been playing every now and again for about a year and since then I’ve seen more people playing than when I started.”

The frisbee golf tournament is one of the less-attended Intramural activities. This year nine people participated.

“We usually have around 10-12 people,” Darling said. “We will continue to have the tournament, even though it is a smaller sport because it involves other people interested in a different sport.”