Facebook fanatics

by Aaron Daniels

Simpson Facebook has exploded into the mainstream on campus in the past year.

Junior Tony Hager, a supporter of his favorite movie “Joe Dirt,” who doesn’t mind mixing some Kenny Chesney with G-Unit, was turned on to Facebook through friends.

“I heard about Facebook just from friends telling me I should check it out,” Hager said. “I mainly use Facebook to meet new friends and find out other information.”

Many other schools are now interconnected within this new system developed to maximize the interaction between college students. The link connecting many campuses together was made possible by the merger of Simpson Facebook with College Facebook.

College Facebook opens up many new ways to meet and get to know new people. It allows students and faculty to make contact with peers while also finding out their interests and what their favorite movies are.

Finding out about College Facebook has been spreading by word-of-mouth at a rapid pace. There are 857 Simpson College students registered with College Facebook.

Users of facebook.com can join groups online. Some groups Simpson students have joined or formed are the Dan Carver Fan Club, SC Cheerleaders are Awesome! and Campus Activities Board.

But, meeting new people on College Facebook is the name of the game. Instant messages can be sent to anyone registered with Facebook – the catch is getting people to respond.

“It makes it easy to keep in touch with friends from other schools, and look up some ladies,” junior A.J. Wieck said. “I like how they combined into one, there was no point having schools stay separated from one another.”

Wieck uses Facebook when he finds time away from baseball and relaxing.

One question concerning College Facebook is whether or not everyone will continue to stay active on Facebook once they graduate. For some, once they graduate they will forget College Facebook ever existed. There will also be a large number of people to continue to use Facebook for years to come.

Senior Justin Zeigler plans to continue to use College Facebook well beyond his college years.

“It will be a good way to keep in touch will friends from school,” Zeigler said.