An emotional radio show


by Aaron Daniels

Two emotional voices are making waves on KSTM Storm Radio.

Sophomores Tracy Robson and Laura Hupp have been working together at KSTM on a show they call Emo Hour since their freshman year.

Apart from being good friends in high school, these two are keeping their friendship alive while sharing the DJ booth.

Getting involved with the radio station was one of Hupp’s goals from day one.

“Once getting on campus I knew it was something wanted to get involved with,” Hupp said. “When visiting Simpson College, they said that students could have their own shows, so that got me interested.”

Emo Hour is a program that gives Hupp and Robson a chance to play music, but it’s more than that.

“It’s a chance for us to play the music we really like, but we also have time for just random conversation,” Robson said.

Emo is a type of alternative rock, but falls more along the lines of emotional rock. Some of the bands getting regular air time on Emo Hour include Dashboard Confessional, Something Corporate and The Used.

Since they started the show, Hupp and Robson have watched it grow in popularity.

“We’re starting to get a pretty good fan base,” Hupp said. “We have been doing a lot more promoting too, which has really helped.”

Junior Justin Jordan recently discovered Emo Hour while studying for an upcoming test.

“I [saw] the e-mail and when I was studying that Tuesday,” Jordan said. “I figured I might as well turn it on. It was interesting even though I’m not really into that type of music. I noticed though that you really don’t hear a lot of that genre of music on radio stations in this area.”

The hardest part for the two women has been getting people to listen to their show for the first time.

“We have found out that word of mouth is a lot more effective than putting up posters and whatnot,” Robson said. “We have been giving away prizes recently during Emo Hour and it’s really cool when people call in because you know someone out there is actually listening to our program.”

Robson and Hupp have found a lot of benefits to working at KSTM.

“It offers a way to reach out to students on campus,” Hupp said. “Getting involved with activities around campus should be really important to everyone. It gives students the time to get their heads out of the textbooks and have from fun.”

Hupp added that it’s easy to get involved.

“The show also is a good outlet to get away from being a student – and it’s a lot of fun,” she said.

Emo Hour airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m.