Personal Web space not a waste

Personal Web space not a waste

by Carrie Myers

I’m the world’s biggest procrastinator. This is no secret. I’ll pull an all-nighter just to crank out a four-page paper. Why? Because there is always something more interesting to do.

So, the other day, I just remembered I had to write a column for the Simp – because God knows everyone loves to hear my perspective – and as I sat down on my computer to brainstorm some ideas, I decided to check my Facebook, blog, e-mail and MySpace.

No new e-mail, no new comments and no new friends just dying to be part of my ever-growing list. As I quickly typed the URLs into my browser, I wondered, Is it really necessary to have so much Web space dedicated to the wonder that is me?


Maybe not.

But I know I’m not alone in hogging the unlimited cyberspace.

Many people feel one blog, one online photo album or one Web site is just not enough to get their coolness out there for all to see.

I started young. I opened up my first Web site through Tripod when I was 16. I’m sure it’s still out there. I can’t remember the address, but if you find it, you’ll be introduced to vital facts about yours truly and some awesomely sexy pictures, a few of which I still had braces in. That’s hot.

And then I was introduced to the online weblog, blog if you will. I could say whatever I wanted. Anonymous people could comment on what I was saying. I was hooked. And four years later, I still update on a regular basis.

Now at 21 years old, I feel the need to have a photobucket site, MySpace, blog, and Facebook account. All of which I update frequently.

I had a LiveJournal along with my other blog, but I couldn’t figure out the HTML and got frustrated. If you find that, you’ll hear all about my junior prom.

How excited are you?

I think the reason people feel the need to put their thoughts, pictures or concerns about a weird fungus on their big toenail is because each .com has a different community. I can keep in touch with about just anyone through Facebook, but only certain people can read my blog.

No Mom, you’re not getting the address.

To answer my question, though: Is all that Web space necessary? I think so. Why not have a space or two to share ideas, pictures and common interests with others?

Who knows, you may find out that kid who sits behind you in history is just as much of a Neil Diamond freak as you are.

So, put down that Law of Mass Communications textbook, get online and sign up for as much Web space as you possibly can. Write poetry, post pictures or just tell everyone about that one time at the bar.