Simpson healthcare helps students stave off sniffles

by Carrie Myers

With winter in full swing, it’s only a matter of time before a good number of students on campus will be clutching their Kleenexes, sucking back NyQuil and chasing it with a cup of hot tea.

No matter what precautions people take, they may still get sick. For those students in need of medical attention, Simpson does provide options.

The Health Services Office is located in Student Development on the lower level of BSC. Simpson employs a part-time nurse, Michelle Cross. The nurse’s hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

If a student needs to see a health-care provider when the nurse is unavailable, he or she can get a doctor’s slip to visit an Indianola healthcare clinic, such as Indianola Family Practice located at 1504 North First St. Simpson covers the cost of the office visit, sutures, X-rays and fracture care – if the student goes to one of the three contract clinics. The two other contract clinics are: Mercy Indianola Jefferson Clinic at 108 North Jefferson and Mercy Indianola Detroit Clinic at 112 East Detroit.

Students are responsible for notifying their professors if they plan on missing class due to an illness or doctor’s appointment.

Senior Tabitha Ireland works at Indianola Family Practice.

“I only work nights and weekends, but I know a lot of Simpson students are seen, so they must take advantage of this,” Ireland said.

For minor injuries, students can turn to their Community Advisers and Area Coordinators for first aid. Each CA is supplied with a first-aid kit that includes Band-Aids, burn cream and aspirin, etc.

When a serious injury occurs, the AC should be informed, and in turn, he or she will contact campus Health Services or a physician.