Student causes $10,000 damage to fraternity, personal property

by Carl Benskin

Sigma Alpha Epsilon has some significant water damage.

On Nov. 11, around $10,000 in damage was done at the house after a student allegedly pulled the water pipe to a urinal off the wall.

The $10,000 estimate is for both damage to the residence and to students’ personal property. According to the Simpson housing contract, Simpson will not reimburse students for their personal property.

It states, “The College shall not be responsible for the loss of, or damage to, any personal property of a student from any cause whatsoever.”

According to the police report, around 3:40 a.m. sophomore Josey Potter damaged the pipe on the third floor of the SAE house.

By the time the Indianola Police Department was informed and an officer arrived at SAE after 9 a.m., there was standing water on both the third and second floors. Water was also leaking down the staircases on both sides of the building.

According to the report, an unidentified witness said Potter had claimed he was in the bathroom when water just started spraying all over.

The witness also told Simpson Security that Potter’s hair and clothes were wet shortly after the incident and he was walking around with his right hand wrapped in a towel and holding it as if it were hurt.

Witnesses also told police Potter had “bloodshot watery eyes and was drunk.”

Simpson Security approached Potter in his room at SAE 306 around 10:20 a.m. He refused to open the door until the IPD officer arrived, and then Potter was arrested and transported to the Warren County Jail. He is charged with criminal mischief in the first degree, which is a class-C felony.

Potter couldn’t be reached for comment on the allegations.

Because this is a judicial incident that is currently under investigation or resolution, Stephanie Krauth, associate director of students, and Chris Frerichs, director of security, are unable to comment.

SAE’s president, senior Doug Rowles, could not be reached for comment.