Plan needed to replace senators

Student Government Association makes things happen by representing their classmates. Sometimes those students are not equally represented, though.

Last year a sophomore class representative studied abroad. That senator was not replaced, leaving the sophomore class underrepresented.

Now, the senior class president and a sophomore senator are both leaving Simpson. This puts SGA in the tricky position of trying to figure out what to do.

No precedent has been set for this because this situation hasn’t happened often in the past. It’s up to this year’s SGA members to decide what to do.

The rules of SGA declare that a representative will be replaced if someone requests that replacement.

Shouldn’t the request be implied? Don’t all students want equal representation?

Most members of SGA seem to agree that vacant positions should be filled. An e-mail was sent out asking people to run for the offices, and elections are scheduled for the end of January.

It’s apparent from the number of people running for positions – four for senior class president and at least 14 for sophomore class senator – that the student body believes departing senators should be replaced.

SGA is moving in the right direction by holding elections to replace the senior class president and sophomore senator. We commend them for taking the steps to make replacement a policy.

Now they should decide something permanent.

SGA should have a policy to replace everyone. It should be written and followed. Every member is important, from the president of the student body to the freshman senator.

Let us be represented.