Workout wait won’t last

It’s happening again, but it won’t last.

Yet another Christmas break has gone by and yet another January rush of working out and trying to lose weight has begun.

Whether it’s trying to get ready for those spring break plans to Cancun, a New Year’s resolution or trying to get in shape after eating too many of grandma’s cookies and pie many students, faculty and staff members are lifting weights, running or swimming their way to a better body.

Right now when going to workout, many people have to wait for the treadmills, elliptical machines, bikes or racquetball courts and this can be frustrating to the many gym regulars.

This is a phenomenon that happens every year, and like every year, the use of facilities in Cowles Fieldhouse will slow down sooner rather than later.

We applaud the people at Simpson that are trying to get themselves into better shape. We applaud these people for valuing their bodies and realizing that it’s healthy to workout on a regular basis. With obesity being such a common occurrence in the United States, 64.5 percent of American adults are obese according to a National Health and Nutrition Survey, Americans need to take control of their lives and make sure that their lives can be as long and healthy as possible.

But we realize it won’t last.