Letters to the Editor

The denial of tenure to Susanne Gubanc is a disgrace to this institution. Hands down I learned more from the two classes Gubanc taught my senior year than I did in any other course. She expected perfection out of her students and I thank her for clueing me into what it takes to compete in the real world. Simpson College is losing a very worthy faculty member. I always viewed Simpson as one of the premier institutions in the state and now I am starting to second guess my opinion. If Simpson will not even allow a professor to be rigorous in their teachings then how will they ever compete academically with the Luther Colleges and Grinnells of the world? Sadly I do not think we will. Good Luck Susanne. I hope you know that you had many admirers at Simpson.

Laina Toliver Edwards

Coordinator at the University of Georgia

Athens, GA

I never took a class with Gubanc, but from what I heard of her, she was outspoken and feminist — so I’m not surprised by this turn of events. Oh, I’m sure the administration has a great reason to cite, but as I recall Simpson has a history of removing professors who are outspoken, feminist, not willing to silence themselves and their ideas — or for otherwise unsightly behavior that is apparently somehow threatening to the status quo. It’s unfortunate that the college has lost so many amazing faculty in the short time I’ve been familiar with it. It’s sad, but not surprising. Not in the least.

Sara Neppl



I was extremely angry to hear tenure was denied to Professor Gubanc. Professor Gubanc is one of the best, if not the best professor at Simpson College. Is she a challenging teacher? Yes she is. Is her teaching style different than most? Yes it is. Does she allow for opinions to be expressed openly in her classroom? Yes she does. I would think that all of those things are qualities a good college would look for in a professor. I am disappointed in the actions of the administration and the committee who denied Professor Gubanc tenure. I understand there we negative evaluations of Professor Gubanc, as I am sure is the case with every professor. I am also sure there were many great evaluations. As in everything in life you have people who complain and people who take the challenge. I have a feeling that the people who complained about Professor Gubanc were people who were afraid of the challenge that Professor Gubanc’s class presented. Life is challenging and Professor Gubanc is trying to prepare her students for the challenge. Simpson College needs to step it up and demand excellence from their students the way Professor Gubanc does. In my opinion Simpson does not deserve Professor Gubanc, she is too good of a professor and person to be teaching in a place that does not understand and appreciate what they are losing.

Katie Cox (Skinner)

Public Relations Coordinator

It is with deep and great disgust that I write this comment right now. I never thought the day would come when I would have to write something this disturbing about an institution I’ve come to love, an institution that has nurtured me. To reiterate what others have already stated, Professor Gubanc ranks among the top professors I’ve ever had (outside the Music Department). Her zero tolerance for mediocrity played a great role in molding the professional attitude I now possess. Her constant urging for her students to develop a sharp eye for detail is the reason why I am a self-proclaimed nerd.

If Simpson keeps shedding off professors who have the potential to nurture and build the future leaders of this world, then I don’t know what the institution’s goal is. If Simpson knows what’s good for its community–particularly the students, then the FPC would re-consider its decision and put the students’ best interest at the top of its priorities.

Vista Kalipa


Baton Rouge, La.

Oh Simpson College what are you doing? I am definitely saddened by the news that Professor Gubanc will not be receiving tenure. She is in large part responsible for my personal success in the working world. Her classes never failed to challenge me or my fellow students and she had an uncanny ability to open ones eyes to a world outside the walls of Simpson College. It’s so hard for students to realize how much one professor can impact your life until you’ve left the security of college. My personal view of Simpson college is definitely tarnished due to this decision – As an alum I can honestly say the professors who make you work hard and think are also the ones to thank not only for launching you down great career paths but also for opening your eyes to the a world outside of Indianola; we should not take them for granted as it seems there are fewer and fewer to challenge the norm.

Tammy Foster

Assistant Strategist OMD Chicago

Chicago, IL