Teamwork will help Simpson feel safer

Teamwork will help Simpson feel safer

Teamwork is essential to the Simpson College campus in regards to safety. If the campus community wants to be safe everyone needs to do their part in calling in suspicious activity, reporting vandalism, etc.

But that doesn’t mean that Simpson’s Department of Campus Security doesn’t have its own job to do. While they’re trying their hardest to keep Simpson safe and to keep coming up with new educational programs, Simpson security should also remember that the community and security need to work together. So not only does the community’s involvement in safety need to be analyzed and assessed for efficiency and knowledge, security’s does also.

A survey is sent out every year so that students are given the chance to voice their opinions regarding security, but since we know Simpson students track record with surveys another step must be taken.

When a student has a complaint, it should be taken seriously. Students who are affected by security through tickets or having their cars vandalized are angry, but their complaints may be valid. They don’t want the same thing to happen to other students. And while student’s complaints are important to consider, security should also be able to look at itself critically and make improvements.

We know what security can do, and whether it’s done well or not is a matter of opinion. What is important is that security continues to not only educate and evaluate the community, but also does the same to itself to ensure optimum safety for Simpson students. It’s what we’re promised on our student tours as high school students, right?