Our View

by Editors

February marked Black History Month, a time when Americans are asked to take a look at the many accomplishments of blacks in our society. With the recent deaths of Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King, many Americans have also taken part in various memorial services for these two influential women.

At Simpson, Black History Month was marked by several Forum events, keynote speakers and a display in the library. While we can’t deny that Simpson did, in fact, make an effort to celebrate Black History Month, one question remains: was it enough?

At a school that is not exactly recognized for its diversity, are students appreciative of the contributions of blacks to our society?

It’s no secret that Simspon doesn’t boast a large percentage of minority students on campus. No one seems to have the clear-cut answers as to how to diversify our student body and integrate a larger percentage of multiple races.

But how can we teach diversity to students on a campus that lacks that very thing? One thing is certain; one month just can’t be enough for Simpson, or any part of the nation for that matter, to celebrate the history of any minority group.