Fall class registration now online

by Kelsey Brooks

Simpson will switch entirely to online registration by Feb. 27.

While students and their advisers will still schedule for classes together, there will be no more green slips to fill out and no more waiting to see which classes students got in and which ones they didn’t.

Registrar John Bolen thinks the new way will be more efficient.

“We are hoping it speeds up the process for everyone,” Bolen said. “The student is going to know right there in that office what classes that they are going to be taking. They will walk out with their schedule in hand and not have to wait and see if it comes back to them in the mail.”

According to Bolen, students should look at their degree audits to see what classes they need before registering. He said they should also prepare a list of potential classes before meeting with their advisers in order to make registration an easier and faster process.

Beyond the change to online registration, students will be registered in much the same way as in the past. Seniors and juniors will be registered first in a pre-set alphabetical order, but within the letter groupings they’ll be registered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Some students like this idea of finding out their class schedule right away. Junior Laura Lundberg thinks it will be much easier.

“Being a commuter I think that it will be a lot more convenient.” Lundberg said. “I will be able to get my schedule and not have to come back to the campus.”

According to junior Kelsey Volkens, the new online registration will be both good and bad.

“I really like having to meet with my advisor,” Volkens said. “I’m usually freaking out wanting my advisor to fix my life. However, I can see how having to meet with their adviser might be a hassle for people who already have their schedules figured out and only need a signature.”