He said… She said

I’ve been trying since my freshman year to find a nice girl to call my girlfriend. It seems every time I try to even talk to a girl, whether at Signatures or Cowles, I get the same response – “not interested.” What can I do to show these girls I’ve got what they’re looking for?

-Lonesome Senior

Getting a girlfriend can sometime feels like trying to crack a safe without the combination. Luckily, I have good news and bad news. The good news is most women aren’t superficial when choosing a boyfriend and therefore a rippling six pack and stylish wardrobe isn’t needed to obtain a girlfriend – trust me. We’ve all seen a beautiful woman holding hands with a complete disaster and wondered what she sees in him.

This brings me to the bad news. While women tend to overlook hairy backs, male-pattern baldness and a Santa physique, an attractive personality is extremely important.

Two essential traits according to women are confidence and a good sense of humor. Although perfecting your stand-up routine and exuding self-assurance may seem like daunting tasks, the first step is making yourself a believer. If you think you are important and interesting, so will she.

If that doesn’t work – cheat. Increase your humor IQ by ripping off your favorite Conan O’Brien joke. You can always look confident even though you have no idea what you’re doing or talking about – just look at our president.

Women are very observant and calculating, so the first 30 minutes mean everything. Kindness and sensitivity are important but are not the best tactics for getting yourself noticed. You need to be bold, edgy and interesting. Just remember girls like a chase too.

And even though looks aren’t the most important, I wouldn’t stop showering just yet. If your aroma is too overpowering, you’ll never get to utter your awesome pick-up line.

Ryan Steinbach

The most important thing the opposite sex looks for is CONFIDENCE. You’ve got to have it or at least fake it. Figure out what makes you different from the other guys and play it up. If you rock at the guitar, show it off at an Underground. If you think you’re particularly witty, make sure to crack jokes in social settings with the opposite sex. Or if you can’t think of a particular talent, sign up for an intramural or organization you wouldn’t normally do – try Habitat for Humanity – chicks dig a guy who is good with his hands and willing to help the less fortunate. The goal is to get yourself out there so women can see you’re active and actually an interesting person.

Now that you’re a senior, you can go to the bar! Even if drinking isn’t your forte, make an appearance at the Zoo Bar on a Thursday night. I guarantee there will be some singles there looking to meet Mr. Right. And if I’m guessing correctly, you might need a little of that tried and true social lubricant called alcohol to get you to open up and relax around the ladies.

When you’re in these social settings, don’t narrow in on the first girl you see like something out of the movie “Predator.” Hang back a little, casually tell your buddies that you’d appreciate it if they’d introduce you to some of their female friends. If you ask any of your girlfriends to suggest some possible mates, I bet they’d be more than willing to play matchmaker.

Above all, STOP LOOKING. It’s a proven fact that the minute you stop wanting a girlfriend, you’ll get one. If you’re not thinking about getting a girlfriend every second of the day, chances are you’ll be more laid back and relaxed when you are around women.

Ellie Ankeny