Small but mighty


by Kelli Herzberg

Small but mighty seems to be an appropriate creed for the women’s swim team as they prepare for the Iowa Conference Championships Feb. 4 in Cedar Rapids. Last year, they finished fourth in the tournament.

So far this season, the team has run into a couple of minor snags with illnesses and injuries. However, senior Megan Fick is optimistic about being ready for the upcoming tournament.

“Considering we’ve had a lot of injuries and illnesses, I think we’ll recuperate and recover and do fairly well at conference,” Fick said.

Swimming Coach Mark Corley agrees that injuries have hurt the team. The team has lost both of the dual meets they have attended.

“Overall, we’ve had a rough time with injuries,” Corley said. “We’ve only had two dual meets and we’ve lost both of those. Everything else has been invitational.”

There are only four schools with swim teams in the Iowa Conference: Simpson, Luther, Coe and Loras. According to Corley, all of the other teams in the conference are their top competitors. Despite the team’s size in comparison to these other schools, Fick is confident.

“The other teams are bigger in number,” Fick said. “Having a smaller team we have more of a heart and a bond.”

Freshman Kendra Frush is also optimistic despite the team’s smaller size.

“We are a pretty small team but everyone works hard and does their part to get things done,” Frush said. “Being small just means that everyone gets more chances to swim at the meets and more practice in their events”

Fick also stresses the importance of swimming as an individual sport and how the team thrives on the close bond between the members to encourage each other to reach their goals.

“Swimming is an individual sport,” Fick said. “We are closely bonded. As individuals we have to set goals and rise up to meet them. I think we’ll all triumph individually and our relays will do pretty well.”

Preparation for the upcoming Iowa Conference Championship tournament is beginning to start. Practices are changing to help the swimmers be their best by Feb. 4.

“As we prepare for the championships, both the Iowa Conference Championship and, at the end of the year, we have what’s called a Liberal Arts Championship,” Corley said. “We will try to peak for those two meets, so we sharpen their skills, work on more speed and they get more rest.”

Frush is preparing just as everybody on the team is getting ready for the tournaments.

“I am practicing hard to get ready and just trying to continually improve,” Frush said.

Fick claims the practices have not changed much yet, but says that they will soon.

“We’re still doing our regular distance,” Fick said. “As it gets closer, we’ll decrease distance but will increase in speed sets, working on speed and agility.”

As the only senior on the team, Fick works with junior Amanda Rigg to help set up and organize practices. They are also both members of Student-Athlete Advisory Council. Fick encourages students to support the swim team.

“Swimming is not a sport covered like football,” Fick said. “Hopefully this will help build the program.”