Waste of Bandwidth


by Jessie Ernst

Waste of Bandwidth is what it sounds like; we are geeks, we are nerds, we are the people your mother warned you about, the ones who think entertainment is all about sitting at a computer cursing and enjoying every minute of it; we are gamers.

These are the words chosen by Patrick Carlson and Reid Kreimeyer, creators of the new gaming group on campus, to describe their group and the people of which it’s comprised.

Almost two months ago Carlson, a junior computer science major, and Kreimeyer, a senior marketing major, decided to start an online-gaming group.

No other gaming groups are offered at Simpson College so they thought it would be a great opportunity to begin one.

“We felt like the way the Simpson network is set up makes it really hard to play games with people,” Kreimeyer said. “If we created a site, it would make it easier.”

Their Web site, wob.050104.com, has been up and running for the past two weeks, but Carlson and Kreimeyer have put more work into the group beyond its facilitation.

The creators now have a Web site full of activities. Four games are currently offered over the server: “Battlefield 2,” “True Combat,” “America’s Army” and “Ground Control.”

Although some of these games are already offered by their creators on dedicated gaming servers, Waste of Bandwidth is giving Simpson students the chance for a more personal and community-specific experience.

“Simpson’s network doesn’t allow for gaming, so Waste of Bandwidth offers an opportunity that I wouldn’t otherwise get,” freshman Andrew Wingen said.

Through Carlson and Kreimeyer’s group, students will get to know other Simpson gamers and have the chance to make new friends with similar gaming interests.

Wingen has been a member of the group for about a month.

“The guys seem laid back, but seem really geared up for getting all the gamers together,” Wingen said. “I’ve met new people through the group.”

Waste of Bandwidth also created a forum for their Web site. Once signed up through the forum on the gaming Web site, students can put in information on what games they have so people can be matched up according to their gaming interests.

The Web site offers gamers a chance to be social through chatting, in addition to the forum. Members can connect to the site’s server to chat, similar to msn, or to talk over a microphone.

Although the new gaming group is not affiliated with Simpson College, Carlson and Kreimeyer have made it a local activity.

Since launching the site, 22 people have joined the gaming group. Carlson has high hopes for the group and said any Simpson student living on campus is eligible to join.

“The more people join, the better,” Carlson said. “Even people who think they might not be interested, if they tried it might enjoy it.”

Waste of Bandwidth was created to appeal to both beginners and experts. It doesn’t matter whether gamers are just starting out or have been playing since they were young, Carlson and Kreimeyer will make them feel welcome.

Within the gaming group there is talk of setting up official events and meetings, which would give members a chance to voice their opinions and give input on games.

As of now, the Web site and server are set up and are running. There are many free games available and instructions are offered on how to set them up as well as how to join Waste of Bandwidth.

According to its founders, the Web site is getting a good response.

“People are slowly trickling in,” Carlson said.

Because Simpson College has never offered anything like this group, both of its creators are hoping their creation will be something new that will catch Simpson students’ interest.