Lateness doesn’t negate generosity

Punctuality is usually a desirable characteristic in any person or organization, but being precisely on time is not always an option. Arriving late is perhaps better than never showing at all. In the case of the Christmas boxes for the U.S. troops overseas, arriving a month later than intended does not negate the generosity and time spent by the Multicultural Student Alliance and College Republicans.

Who would turn down a late Christmas present and say, “No thanks, it’s not Dec. 25, I don’t want it now”? And as it stated in the article, the time after Christmas is usually the most depressing, so receiving a pick-me-up in January or February might not be such a travesty after all.

As for miscommunication being labeled the obstacle in the way of getting the packages out in time, it is probably safe to say everyone has trouble communicating to others in one way or another in our everyday lives. The MSA and College Republicans suffered this common communication mishap, but instead of tossing out the idea altogether due to tardiness, they are merely extending the deadline in which Christmas parcels can be shipped out and received.

The project should not be considered a success based on its timeliness, but the actual effort and student involvement that went into it.