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If Karl Rove were managing this, he would have called it a Spring Parcel Project or something like that.

If it’s something our soldiers want, who cares about the calendar? We don’t want a good deed to go unpunished (or un-ridiculed), do we?

Seriously, however, if the Simpson College Republicans really want to Support Our Troops, why haven’t they at least considered enlisting themselves?

Operation Yellow Elephant

Maybe she should know what she is talking about. First UN sanctions against Iraq were lifted when there were liberated along with the No-Fly zones. Iraq is now free to do as much trading in the international community as it wants, Thanks to the Brave Men and Women of the US Military and our Commander-in-Chief.

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Professor Freyberg I think has a little communication problem of his own, This is the second year that the SIMPSON College Republicans, thanks to the Simp staff for not printing our entire name, have done From Home for the Holidays. MSA approached us to see if the they could help with this project.

College Republican

Pretty sure the story is about how the boxes got sent out late and why that happened (because not everyone who wasn’t in MSA or College Republicans knew). What group was the first to approach seems like a mute point. The boxes got sent out, congrats. No blame game or credit hogging needed.


Why is this news? Shouldn’t a story have been done during the fall season, not in February? That aside, Pat is a great guy and surely a great coach.


WOW, some peoples kids just don’t get it do they? First off, Foobar is spelled F.U.B.A.R. (fubar) so this suggests that his comment should not be taken seriously. Furthermore, any educated student who knows anything that is going on at Simpson would know that the Tennis team is still playing! I wish you girls the best of luck in your upcoming matches!!!

What Dude?

Oh foobar, they did a story on Pat because the tennis season is still going on. Check out the schedule. You’d know it if you knew anything.

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I’m I the only one who gets the true purpose of “Question Kari?” OF COURSE “Question Kari” is made up – it’s supposed to be funny and entertaining, and it’s not meant to be taken as real news. All of you complainers need to sit back and take a chill pill. Enjoy some comedy with your news! Major newspapers have comics – The Simp has “Question Kari.” If all of you don’t like “Question Kari,” then take some action, get on the newspaper staff, and write something up yourselves. Quit complaining.

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