Our View

by Editors

Simpson believes in its students, and what better way to prove it than hire them.

Out of its 10 admissions counselors, eight of them are Simpson graduates. Out of those eight, five have been hired since 2001.

Admissions counselors often play an important role in convincing prospective students that Simpson is the right choice for them. What better way to sell the college than have its own graduates show potential students the perks of the college.

They know how the “Simpson Experience” works, how Saturday football games are the highlight of the college on Saturday’s in the fall and that May Term is a big selling point for the college because of its uniqueness.

These people know Simpson, and certainly know how to sell it. Enrollment has been at a record pace in recent years, so having Simpson graduates in charge of bringing potential students to this campus has seemed to work out well.

By hiring Simpson graduates not only in admissions, but anywhere on campus, the college is showing that it not only believes in the education it provides, but is willing to entrust its future to its graduates.

Simpson has quality graduates, and its great to see that the college recognizes that it’s OK to hire former students.