Online rental services convenient, inexpensive

by Abbie Crane

Renting movies has always been a popular past time with people of all ages. These days there are more options for renting than simply going to the local movie store.

Sophomore Beth Nelson uses an on-line service, Netflix, to rent her movies. She said she always uses Netflix because it is easier since the movies are mailed to her within a few days of returning her last movie.

“I use Netflix because it is much easier and cheaper then renting from a movie store,” Nelson said. “I have the movies sent to my campus mail box, so I never have to leave campus.”

Combined with the convenience of not leaving campus Nelson said she pays $10 a month to receive one rental at a time and the money is directly taken from her checking account so she doesn’t have to worry about it. She also said there are other payment options if a person wants to rent more than one movie at a time, but she only has time to watch one movie at a time.

“I would recommend Netflix for anyone who rents a lot of movies,” Nelson said. “It is much easier then having to run to the movie store to pick up and return the movie.”

Sophomore Dawn Wolfe said she often rents movies with her boyfriend, but never considered online rentals. She also said she was adamant about renting movies, not seeing them in theatres.

“I rent from Movie Gallery, or Video Warehouse in my home town,” Wolfe said.

Sophomore Jay Keller also said she rents movies but doesn’t know much about online renting. She said if she was more informed about online rentals she might consider that an option.

“Sure I’d consider renting online but I’ve never really looked into it,” Keller said.

She doesn’t rent often because of the cost of rentals at the Movie Gallery here in Indianola.

“I don’t rent much because in town the only place is really expensive,” Keller said. “We need a Family Video in Indianola.”