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I would just like to say that The Simp is seriously flawed in its coverage of the Security staff, especially student staff, in recent articles. The “news” has been one sided and lacking.

Students need to understand that Security has a certain job, and that is not to be on-call for each students’ own personal needs. We secure the campus and do what we can when we are called for our services. It is not our job to unlock your car door when you’ve locked your keys inside.

When I get these calls, I always ask if the caller has called IPD yet. The answer is always “yes, but they said they can’t do it.” Then what makes you think we can? If you call and start your statement with “I think this is a maintenance issue, but…” then it probably is and you should have called them first.

Another thing that ticks off the staff of security is when you call us instead of your RA or CA for an RA or CA issue. If the person in the room next to you is playing their music too loudly for your liking, call your RA. That is what they are there for: to handle such issues.

If you can’t find your RA, which is typical, we usually can’t find them either, THEN call us and we will respond. Housing issues are housing issues, and they get paid more than we do to handle such issues.

If things get out of hand, then your resident is supposed to involve Security, but only if they cannot handle the situation. These are but a few of the issues that The Simpsonian and the rest of the students have the wrong idea about. Before you go bashing the student staff of Security and calling us unqualified for our positions, learn what our position is. Read our job description. Learn what our job entails. Then decide if we are doing it or not.

I would like to see The Simpsonian start a running column updating the campus on the lack of competency in the housing department. I assure you there would be some juicy stories there. they could call it “RA, RA, Where is my RA?” It could be a little Where’s Waldo-esque game. Maybe prizes could be involved.

It could make people actually want to read The Simp again.


P.S. Your housing staff needs to let us know that there is a fire alarm going off. We don’t have super human ears; we can’t hear it from the Security office. They, or you, need to let us know.

We have to come to the building to shut it off, so please allow more than thirty seconds to elapse before calling back angry that the alarm is still going off.


Heather, the one-sided stories are probably being wrote because the topic really is one-sided. There isn’t anyone in their right mind that would say anything nice about security! Sleeping on the job isn’t good. I’ve seen that first hand.

But the idea of incompetent RA’s is a great idea because I definitely have one!


It’s really stupid that the same committee that denied you the first time has the say the second time. Can we say biased?


Hey Shara, just what are the things that the Simp does well? I must be missing them completely.


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