FlipSide Face

FlipSide Face

by Ellie Ankeny

Did you know you can get a master’s in education from Simpson? Not many people are aware of this program, but that’s where Nicole Crawford has found herself.

With a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting and speech from Northwest Missouri State and a master’s in mass communication from Drake, Crawford began her second master’s program in secondary education here at Simpson a little over a year ago.

“I’m the most over-qualified, under-paid person working at Bath and Body Works,” she said – the part-time job she’s taken up since returning to school.

Crawford doesn’t let that get her down. She maintains a positive attitude throughout her busy schedule and admits to being a little “high-energy.” These are her two keys to success while being on the Dean’s List and maintaining a 3.93 grade point average.

Even though teaching was always a later-in-life career option she kept in the back of her mind, Crawford embarked on a career pathway as a copywriter after she graduated from Drake. She then moved on to work in the area of promotions, then sales and eventually ended up in advertising.

“That’s where the money is,” Crawford said, “But I realized there’s more to life than just a paycheck.”

She disliked her job so much she would dread going back on Monday mornings and often found herself going to the office in tears. This lack of job satisfaction is what made Crawford decide to take teaching off the back burner.

Since enrolling at Simpson, she’s also taken on some extracurricular activities such as helping with the Simpson Theater Festival and the box office on campus. To try out her teaching skills, she is also the speech coach at Waukee High School.

“Since I’ve been coaching, I’ve realized that this is where I belong,” Crawford said. “Teaching is what I was born to do. I just wish I would have realized it earlier.”

Crawford will graduate with her second master’s degree in December of this year. When asked if she sees a PhD in her future, she said she wouldn’t completely rule it out.

“I love being around the education atmosphere – it keeps me young!”