FlipSide Face


by Ellie Ankeny

When it comes to campus activities, senior Kat Fenneman seems to have tried a little bit of everything.

“College is a time when you have time to try many different things. I just want to take advantage of those opportunities,” Fenneman said.

This senior from Clarksville, Iowa is the definition of “involved” on Simpson’s campus.

A few of her activities include: serving as president of the Religious Life Council, a Liberal Arts Seminar Assistant, pole vaulter for the Simpson track team, participant in theater productions such as “Godspell” and “The Vagina Monologues” and, of course, the Breakfast Club, of which she has been a very active member during her time at Simpson.

“The kids are just amazing,” Fenneman said. “It’s been neat to watch them grow up over the last four years.”

Breakfast Club has been a big commitment and a big part of her college experience, and Fenneman has developed a close bond with several of the children.

“I’m really going to miss them,” she said.

The experience of working with children in the Breakfast Club as well as working with refugees last semester through Lutheran Services has led Fenneman to apply to become a member of the Peace Corps.

“I feel a deep desire to serve,” Fenneman said. “I can do that through the Peace Corps as well as get the opportunity to travel and actually be a part of another culture rather than just be another tourist.”

While she is still waiting to hear whether or not she will be accepted, she is very excited to join a program in the Caribbean she has already been nominated for.

“There’s such a great need in the world.” Fenneman said. “I want to be active in meeting that need instead of choosing to stand by.”