Simply Stated

I’m glad this kid got kicked out!! Honestly, what the hell more do you have to do to get kicked out of college?? Sounds like he had all of his bases covered in that department. Besides, his expulsion will help with Simpson’s overpopulation!


Honestly…I don’t know everything behind this kids story. However, can it really be as bad or worse than lighting campus dumpsters on fire or breaking into a freshman girls dorm room? May I remind you of what happened in one of these situations. Our dumpster lighting student was shown in the Simpsonian a week later in the sports section competing at Nationals in track and field event and earned a diploma from Simpson.


Really, try to find someone who knows how to write movie reviews. This is just dumb and badly written.

Over it

Since when does last nights journal entry pass as a piece of publishable journalism? Furthermore, what if the person who’s toothbrush you used had oral herpes? What then?

Bewildered reader

What a great COLUMN! Some people just don’t know the difference between a column and an article and should really try not to flaunt their ignorance.

Oh, and Andrea – don’t worry about the mistakes at the internship – I made more than you can imagine, and still got hired. I’ve got your back girl. Keep up the great work!


Or, maybe Simpson grads just can’t get a job anywhere else. Didya think about that?


Dear hmmm:

Maybe some of us turned down other jobs that even paid more because we sincerely do believe in Simpson and truly have the enthusiasm to spread the word to students and families. Notice five of us have been hired since 2001 and wouldn’t still be here if we didn’t thoroughly enjoy it. Hmmmm…did ya think of that? Admissions IS A JOB, not just something people settle for. Thanks for the positive recognition Simp Staff :o)

Tiff Hummel


Looks like the Simp is doing a lot this semester that makes admissions very happy. are congratulations in order for this? I think not. Way to pander, Simp staff.

Hmmm some more

OK, I’m really pissed off. First of all, it takes Simpson Public Relations two months to send out the Dean’s List. How slow can you be about that? Secondly, they put me as an underclassmen when I’m a graduating senior. Come on. Do we not check our information at all?! Duh.


Residence Life needs to seriously reevaluate the housing and lottery process. What was their rationale for taking away the GPA requirement to apply for an apartment?

Four juniors-to-be who all have GPA’s higher than 3.5 (the important cutoff to get 100 points off your lottery score), who are all extremely involved at Simpson College and have never been in trouble can’t even get on the apartment list. Apparently, the new system is not rewarding the people it intended to reward.

Why did we give in to the slacker-whiners who couldn’t get the required GPA to have an apartment? Set the requirement at 2.5 or, heck, even 2.0. If you can’t get straight C’s, then you don’t deserve to be in college, let alone have privileges in the housing process.

Emily Marshall