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I’m really sick of the All College Sing e-mails. The one about “Tired of the Simp” was humorous, but I’m really tired of the e-mails. It’s a worthless tradition because the music majors will be the better singers and all the rest of the groups are forced to do it (apartments, greek groups) by higher powers. A tradition should be something that people want to do, not be forced to do by others.


Technology here is a joke. StormFront takes three Web pages to open, the homepage’s search-engine is useless, and webmail can take ages to log into. Has technology spoiled me, or is Simpson technologically terrible?

Buena Vista wanna-be

Just as someone who read the minutes here’s my question- All the groups that came after Sequel were criticized for only having “one big event” and how that wasn’t up to line item par. But doesn’t Sequel only have one big event too? Where’s the consistency? Plus, when asked why they didn’t ask other people/places, etc. for money their answer was because they’ve always been line item they’ve never asked. And this wasn’t questioned? There just wasn’t consistency and there was hypocrisy.

And as for Tom, he just pointed out a good point. It’s hard for any group to expand when they can’t get money from Senate. So don’t expect them to have all kinds of money and programs already, because then they wouldn’t need line-item status.


Out of all those who went to London last fall, how many were science majors? Exactly my point. The current London program does not accommodate those students who have to worry about labs or taking a multitude of inter-departmental courses for their major. Those who go are typically those who can afford to take a semester off taking meaningless cornerstones in order to spend three months travelling and drinking. Moving the London program to Harlaxton would increase the diversity of Simpson students that could go by offering science classes for students who actually need to spend a semester taking real classes. Let us play too.

Science major

Yes, V for Vendetta is quite a compelling movie. It’s transformative on many levels. However, most people are well aware of what our current Administration has become,…at least on the East and West coast anyway.

As long as the American presence continues to wreak havoc in the Middle East, there will never be Peace. This is the Jihad, Sociologist have warned students about for 20 plus years now.

The Global War is just beginning, Thanks To G.W. Bush. IMHO, V for Vendetta is 4 years too late. Such a mentality won’t do much good now; Globalization is at the forefront of the world’s instability. It will take more than politics, or a revolution against a political regime to curtail the onslaught of “The Axis”.


Sociology Graduate

Washington, USA

This is so true. That’s what Campus Day is all about, the booze!


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