KSTM changes program, looks for more student involvement

by Jessie Ernst

Junior Jen Gibson, who hosts a KSTM show every Sunday night with junior Anders Dovre, describes KSTM as “advantageous.”

Currently KSTM Storm Radio is an iMac-based program advised by Chad Roberts, instructor of communications and student media specialist, who is looking forward to changing the program to Windows.

“The students should be working with a Windows-based program to make it a real-world experience,” Roberts said.

Hopefully, the change in program usage will also stir up a change in program involvement.

“I want to see more student involvement and interest,” Roberts said.

Gibson agrees students should be stepping up.

“My hopes for KSTM are that more people on campus would listen to KSTM on a regular basis,” Gibson said. “I want more people to take advantage of the opportunity to have a radio show.”

KSTM provides Simpson students with the opportunity to have their own show and get their word out.

Junior Grant Carlson started off as a DJ for KSTM and has now become the music director.

“I want to get independent music more attention here at Simpson,” Carlson said. “I also want to get as many people as possible involved.”

Part of including more students is a future goal for KSTM. Along with this goal, Roberts is looking into having class participation with volunteers.

“We want to set up a practicum around the radio,” Roberts said.

According to Roberts, doing so would open up many new doors. The class would become part of the communication studies major and would provide new broadcast opportunities for students.

“The only disadvantage is that technology becomes outdated fairly quickly,” Roberts said.

Also, the new program will take time to prove successful; it won’t happen overnight.

“This is a step-by-step process,” Roberts said.

In the long run though, students involved with KSTM will see the benefits of having a Windows program to work off of. It will provide them with a better base for a career in broadcasting. The future class will open up new doors for students who are interested in this career.

So, the ball is rolling for KSTM’s new goal of becoming a class.

“I just have to find a program that is student-friendly,” Roberts said.