Simply Stated

I’m so upset that Tom Latham is speaker at graduation. Gosh, I don’t want to go now because I don’t want to hear that Republican brainwashing. Ugh.


I was entirely in shock when I found out that Tom Latham was going to be the graduation speaker. To my knowledge this will be the first conservative voice on campus in four years that wasn’t brought here by the College Republicans. Has Simpson finally stepped out of its liberal brainwashing camp state of mind? One could only hope, maybe now future generations will truly get a liberal arts education rather then a liberal brainwashing!!!

Christopher Erickson

I was in shock too, Chris. Oh wait, it was more like horror and confusion?!


Here’s a thought, no politicians for graduation speakers! Either way someone ends up unhappy about it, so how about picking someone non-political? And to Chris – if you’re so unhappy with the “liberal brainwashing” why didn’t you transfer? Nobody made you stay here.


I couldn’t agree more with “student.” Everyone knows religion and politics shouldn’t be discussed unless we want an all-out brawl, and graduation should be about celebration. Chris – yes, some liberals are very narrow-minded, but I know just as many conservatives here who are equally close-minded. Stop pushing blame on the other side; we are all narrow-minded. Not realizing it makes us ignorant as well.


In regard to Tom Latham speaking at graduation, I have to agree with “student.” Why do we have politicians for graduation? This should be an honor reserved for someone neutral – preferably, and academic. In the past we’ve had great speakers, including Iowa Methodist Ministers (let us not forget our roots). We’ve got some great people in connection to the Simpson community, many of whom are amazing speakers. Why aren’t we taking advantage of that and finding someone worth listening to, who we could all find a way to relate to?

Annoyed senior

Why is a person who didn’t even graduate from college speaking at Simpson’s graduation?!


I’m tired of reading people’s negative comments in this column. Especially when they don’t have the balls to leave their name. For example “Broke.”

Andy Hansen Did you see how I signed it?

Andy Hansen


I don’t understand. Simpson raised tuition and they stated that aid was also going to increase, yet, I made less money this year and received a huge amount less. Now I am faced with the decision Simpson or not. What is going on?

Empty Pockets

I agree with Empty Pockets. Simpson aid is a lemon. Your first year here they lure you in with large sums of money and it is great. Until it all falls apart the following years. Just like a lemon car. There should be a warning sign for all first year students. It is not as good as it looks! Just because we are not freshman doesn’t mean we don’t need the money just as bad!

Need more money